Renovales, known as ‘secondary forests’ in English, are young trees that are cultivated in order to regenerate those forests that have been exploited by human activity or have suffered some kind of accident of nature.

For this mural, which I have entitled “Renovales”, I have used French oak staves or planks and shingles made of Chilean Alerce wood. The former have been employed for many centuries to lend flavor to Chile’s wines, and the latter have traditionally been used to protect the façades of homes in the South of Chile, principally on the island of Chiloé.

With this mural, I seek to revive these pieces of dead wood and give them new life. I gather them, I arrange them, I transform them and I introduce them into a new context, the context of art.

 At the beginning, the planks lie flat on the ground, as do felled tree trunks. Then they are lifted by a convergent energy that revives them and restores their greens in all their tones, nuances and degrees. This energy is made manifest by an ascendant beam of light that unites and, ultimately, elevates them.

It is in this way that painful beginnings give way to new life: those are the “Renovales”.